Ensuring Safety & Security At RVS: Best School In Gurugram

Safety & Security

Nurturing Healthy, Happy Children in a Safe Environment.

We believe in nurturing healthy, happy children with a positive perspective of life.

Students’ health is an important aspect and children are sensitised on physical, mental and social health through various talks and workshops.

The ‘I Care’ program in school ensures that teachers voluntarily interact with children, Creating a sense of well-being and safety.

The campus is thoughtfully enclosed by sturdy boundary walls, and gates vigilantly attended to by security personnel around the clock, and further enhanced by comprehensive CCTV surveillance.

Our school transport services are designed with utmost care for the safety of our children. Each vehicle is equipped with GPS trackers, CCTV cameras, ample water supplies, medical aid kits, and the presence of dedicated female attendants to provide attentive care and assistance to the children throughout their journey.

In our commitment to creating a compassionate and nurturing environment, the school has established a dedicated committee to address any incidents related to bullying, ensuring that each child’s well-being and emotional health are safeguarded.

It’s our top priority to adhere to the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act (or “POCSO Act”), ensuring that all policies and practices are compliant with the regulations in place to protect our students.