Ridge Valley School's Diverse Offerings: Beyond Classroom Learning

Learning Beyond Classrooms

Beyond Classroom Boundaries

Education for Life

Education for Life

RVS traverses classroom boundaries, endowing its students with a multifaceted learning odyssey that readies them for the intricacies of the contemporary world. Through experiential learning, community involvement, industry exposure, and skill honing, we endeavour to cultivate well-rounded individuals armed with the knowledge, capabilities, and mindsets that empower them to flourish in a swiftly evolving society.

Continuous Professional Development for Educators

RVS regularly offers several professional development programmes and workshops for its teachers to enhance their skills. These programmes and workshops assist teachers in further developing and improving their pedagogical, interpersonal and professional expertise.

Continuous Professional Development
Workshop on 'Understanding Bullying in School

Workshop on ‘Understanding Bullying in School’

Teacher Workshop

Teacher Workshop – ‘Imagine if classrooms were creative spaces’

Teacher Workshop

Teacher Workshop – ‘Imagine if Art becomes a way of life’


Workshop On ‘Imagine If.. Games Become A Source Of Learning’


Workshop on ‘Instructional Design’


Workshop on Adobe Express


Workshop on ‘Storytelling as a Pedagogy’ by TISB Training Academy


Workshop on ‘Interdisciplinary Pedagogy’


Workshop on ‘Understanding Inclusion’

Community Outreach

Community Outreach

Our community outreach programme is an integral part of the curriculum. We believe that by involving ourselves in the community, we create and nurture compassionate and empathetic human beings who can contribute greatly to the nation and the world. We support orphanages, widow rehabilitation homes, and intergenerational centres. We strive to volunteer whenever there is a national calamity and offer unwavering support to critical national and international missions. We also take up many social projects, including blood donation camps, cancer awareness programs, and several initiatives for underprivileged children in our local communities.

International Dimensions

RVS has a robust student exchange programme, running concurrently, with schools in Poland. Each year students opt into this programme through which they are given the opportunity visit foreign shores to acquire invaluable insights into the cultures and customs of their global counterparts. This carefully planned amalgamation of an educational experience and cultural enrichment through fun and entertainment also results in, rich friendships formed between the student partners, each year, transcending international borders and giving a fresh impetus to the school’s endeavour to expand its exchange base and give students an opportunity to learn from, contribute to, and explore new parts of the world.

These and other exchange programmes enable students from India and our partner countries to come together to expand their horizons and change the way they see our shared world.

International Dimensions
Explorations and Journeys

Explorations and Journeys: Nurturing Knowledge and Enthusiasm

The phrase “Travelling provides knowledge, and with knowledge comes understanding” resonates deeply within our educational ethos. Excursions and tours are integral components of our curriculum, offering students invaluable avenues for growth. These experiences not only expand the horizons for our students but also align with our unwavering commitment to child safety, fostering curiosity and enthusiasm, and adherence to tourism policy.

Ensuring Child Safety and Well-being

We prioritize the safety and well-being of our students above all else. Every excursion is meticulously planned and executed with a keen focus on maintaining a secure and supervised environment. Stringent safety protocols are in place to ensure that students can explore, learn, and enjoy their experiences with complete peace of mind.

Aligned with Tourism Policy

Our excursions are conducted in strict adherence to established tourism policies and guidelines. This ensures that our students not only have enriching experiences but also learn the importance of responsible and ethical tourism practices that respect local cultures and environments

Igniting Curiosity and Enthusiasm

The essence of our excursions lies in igniting curiosity and enthusiasm. These journeys are carefully designed to pique students’ interests, encouraging them to ask questions, seek answers, and engage with their surroundings actively. We believe that every new place visited is an opportunity to learn and grow.

Creating Lasting Impact

The impact of our excursions extends far beyond the journey itself. The memories and insights gained during these trips leave an indelible mark on our students’ lives. These experiences contribute to their personal and academic development, nurturing a broader perspective and a deeper understanding of the world.

Embarking on Club Journeys: Cultivating Interests and Connections

Brimming with innovation, camaraderie, and the zest for life embodied in the collective pursuit of unique interests, our school clubs are more than just gathering spaces. These platform offerings are thoughtfully curated to allow students to connect with like-minded peers beyond their immediate circles, fostering a sense of belonging and the productive exploration of ideas and passions that invariably sparks a joy for learning that we hope to include as a life-long trait. Whether by joining existing clubs or collaborating with peers and our expert staff to initiate new ones, students are empowered to pursue what truly resonates with them and what is likely to resonate with their peers.

ClassesLevelFine Art CraftModellingTheatricsMusicTextilesLife skillsDigital MediaIndian Dance-BharatnatyamWestern Dance- Contemporary
Class I & IIBasicsPoster Making Water colours and Acrylic paintingPaper CraftClay ModellingBasicsVocal- Indian / WesternMacrameLife skills- Managing myselfNritya RhythmRhythm and balance
Class III to VIntermediatePencil, charcoal and ink sketchingPaper MachePotteryActing SkillsInstrumental- Indian/ Western- ClassicalNeedle CraftCookeryDigital Photography
Nritya – Rhythm and Expression
Jazz dance
Class VI to XIIAdvancedMural Art, oil painting Art installationProduct Designing
Sculpture 2D/ 3D ReliefPlaywrighting/ Light and ProductionInstrumental- Indian/ Western- AdvancedTextile Design (Block print, Tie and Dye etc)Food Design
Graphic Designing and Filming
Natya – Rhythm and Dramatization
Jazz dance