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Early Years Program: Pre-Nursery to Grade II

Our pre-primary is child-centric, seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor learning. We ignite the interests and enthusiasm of young minds. Aligned with the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) of the United Kingdom, our curriculum spans vital areas of development.

Physical Development

Ample opportunities for active play co-ordination, control, and healthy choices, sets the foundation for lifelong well-being and learning

Communication and Language

We create a rich language environment, building confidence, and expressive skills, empowering communication effectively.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Building positive self-perception, forming respectful relationships, developing social skills, and managing emotions which equip our little learners for the future.


Children embark on a journey of numbers, counting, addition, subtraction, and understanding shapes, spaces, and measurements.

Literacy Development

We kindle the love for reading and writing, encouraging children to link sounds and letters, and provide access to a wide array of books to ignite their curiosity.

Understanding the World

Through exploration and observation, children make sense of their surroundings, their community, environment, and the wonders of technology.

Expressive Arts and Design

We nurture creative expression through diverse media, encouraging sharing of thoughts, ideas, and emotions in art, music, dance, role-play, and design thinking activities.

Pre-Primary Curriculum lays the cornerstone of lifelong learning, preparing students to step out on in a challenging world.

Primary Years Program: Grade III to V

Our Primary Program offers a dynamic curriculum that engages and challenges students academically, combining comprehensive learning, individualised experiences, and hands-on activities.

Fostering Critical Skills

Problem-solving, critical thinking, and mathematical computation skills are honed through a balanced approach, ensuring well-rounded development.

Holistic Growth

Embracing technology, art and physical education, we provide opportunities for play, social interaction, teamwork, sportsmanship and leadership.

Our Program paves the way for young minds to flourish, equipping them with essential skills and values, ensuring a fulfilling journey of growth and learning

Middle Years Program: Grade VI to VIII

Our Middle School curriculum is meticulously designed to cater to the diverse intellectual and developmental needs of students. As they progress from Primary to Middle School, they are empowered to feel, explore, create, reflect, and tackle challenges.

Tailored Experience

We provide a defined learning experience, addressing each child’s specific needs, nurturing holistic growth.

Learning Through Art

The curriculum supports art as a medium of classroom transaction, laying a strong educational foundation for every student.

Our program aims to inspire a love for learning, instil problem-solving skills, and encourage creative thinking, nurturing well-rounded individuals, preparing them for secondary and senior secondary school and beyond.

Cultivating Emotional Engagement

We understand that the middle school years are pivotal in nurturing emotional intelligence. Our curriculum encourages students to not only acquire knowledge but also connect with it on an emotional level. This approach helps them develop a strong sense of ownership and curiosity towards their learning journey.

Stimulating Exploration and Discovery

Inquisitiveness is the hallmark of effective learning. Our curriculum is structured to ignite students’ curiosity, inspiring them to explore subjects deeply and discover the joy of learning. This encourages proactive engagement and a thirst for knowledge that lasts a lifetime.

Nurturing Creativity and Innovation

Creativity is nurtured through an environment that celebrates diverse perspectives and innovative thinking. We provide ample opportunities for students to express their ideas, foster their creative talents, and engage in projects that require them to think outside the box.

Fostering Critical Thinking

Equipping students with critical thinking skills is a priority. Our curriculum challenges them to analyze information, evaluate various viewpoints, and construct well-reasoned arguments. This prepares them to approach complex challenges with confidence and insight.

Developing Problem-Solving Acumen

Problem-solving is an essential life skill. Our curriculum integrates real-world scenarios and academic challenges, prompting students to develop practical solutions. This prepares them to navigate challenges both within the classroom and beyond. Moreover, our commitment extends beyond academic excellence. We recognize that each student is unique, with specific learning needs. To this end, we strive to create a defined educational experience that caters to their individual requirements, ensuring their growth is well-rounded and personalized. Lastly, our curriculum content remains rooted in the principles of the liberal arts, an educational foundation that encourages well-rounded knowledge, critical thinking, and creativity. This approach not only prepares our students for academic success but also equips them with skills that are vital for their future pursuits

Secondary School Program: (Grade IX to XII)

Our Secondary School Program aims to provide a stimulating and purposeful learning environment, offering a blend of national and international curriculum.

Holistic Learning

Acknowledging the importance of languages, Mathematics, Science, Technology, Arts, and Environmental Studies. Our curriculum focuses on metacognition and a growth mind-set. This approach encourages lateral and critical thinking, optimising students’ potential for higher education.

Nurturing All Aspects

Our curriculum prioritises the physical, cognitive, emotional, and social development of students, equipping them with essential life skills.

We embrace a comprehensive approach to secondary education, empowering students to become lifelong learners and confident global citizens

A Dynamic and Purposeful Curriculum

Grounded in the NEP principles, our curriculum is designed to be dynamic and purposeful. It not only imparts knowledge but also nurtures skills and attributes necessary for the students’ holistic growth and future success.

Cognitive Enrichment Through Core Subjects

Aligned with NEP’s emphasis on cognitive development, all subjects are woven together through an interdisciplinary approach. They are structured to not only provide academic knowledge but also to stimulate critical thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills in line with NEP’s learner-centric approach.

Holistic Learning Across All Key Areas

Nurturing Comprehensive Development Academic Excellence, Cognitive Enrichment, Creativity and Innovation, Physical Well-being, Emotional Intelligence, Social Awareness, Life Skills.

Prioritizing Comprehensive Development

Our curriculum goes beyond academics to address the holistic development of students. Physical, cognitive, emotional, and social growth are all nurtured in tandem. This comprehensive approach equips students with essential life skills, fostering maturity and resilience.

Pre-Primary School Curriculum/ Syllabus

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Pre-Primary School Curriculum



Curriculum Grade-Pre Nursery 2024-25


Curriculum Grade-Nursery 2024-25


Curriculum Grade-KG 2024-25


Curriculum Grade-I 2024-25


Curriculum Grade-II 2024-25

Primary School Curriculum/ Syllabus

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Primary School Curriculum/ Syllabus



Curriculum Grade-III 2024-25


Curriculum Grade-IV 2024-25


Curriculum Grade-V 2024-25

Middle School Curriculum/ Syllabus

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Middle School Curriculum/ Syllabus



Grade VI Curriculum 2024-25


Grade-VII Curriculum 2024-25


Grade-VIII Curriculum 2024-25

Secondary School Curriculum/ Syllabus

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Secondary School Curriculum/ Syllabus



Grade IX Curriculum 2023-24


Grade X Curriculum 2023-24


Grade XI Curriculum 2023-24


Grade XII Curriculum 2023-24

List Of Textbooks

Subjects Offered For Grade Pre-Nursery-IX

Pre-Nursery to KGNumeracy, Literacy UOW and Hindi
Grade I To II:English, Hindi, Mathematics, Understanding Our World
Grade III to V :English, Hindi, Mathematics, Social Science, Science, Sanskrit/French/Spanish/German.
Grade VI to VIII :English, Hindi, Mathematics, Social Science(History, Civics,
Geography) Science(Physics, Chemistry, Biology),Sanskrit/French/Spanish/German.
Grade IX to X :English, Hindi, Mathematics, Social Science
(History, Civics,Geography), Science(Physics, Chemistry, Biology), Sanskrit/French/Spanish/German.

Subjects Offered For Grade XI-XII

1. English (Compulsory)7. Home Science13. Political Science
2. Physics8. Computer Science14. History
3. Chemistry9. Painting15. Sociology
4. Biology10. Accountancy16. Legal Studies
5. Mathematics11. Business Studies17. Psychology
6. Physical Education12. Economics18. Geography