Empowering Growth: Mentor/Mentee Program at Ridge Valley School

Mentor Mentee Program

Mentor – Mentee Program

At RVS, we embrace the power of mentorship to create a nurturing environment where wisdom is shared, bonds are forged, and growth flourishes. The Mentor/Mentee program is a living embodiment of our commitment to holistic education. It nurtures leadership, camaraderie, and personal growth through a house system that fosters unity, values, and a strong sense of identity. Through these initiatives, we strive to shape well-rounded individuals who stand poised to embrace a world full of opportunities and challenges.

Fostering House Communities

Our student body is divided into four distinct houses named after some of our planet’s iconic rivers: Amazon, Ganges, Nile, and Thames, each represented by a unique color and qualities. This division spans across Primary, Middle, Secondary and Senior Secondary levels, creating a sense of belonging and unity within these vibrant house communities.

Empowering Student Leadership

Within each house, student leadership thrives. House wardens meticulously select house captains, vice-captains, and house prefects, providing students with real opportunities for leadership development. This initiative not only nurtures their leadership skills but also encourages a spirit of responsibility and initiative.

Cultivating Essential Qualities

The heart of our house system lies in instilling essential qualities within our students. Leadership, teamwork, cooperation, mutual understanding, and self-reliance are values that permeate every aspect of our students’ journey, enriching their personal and academic growth.

Inter-House Activities and Morning Assemblies

Throughout the year, our students engage in a spectrum of inter-house activities that foster healthy competition and camaraderie. These activities provide opportunities for students to showcase their talents, collaborate with peers and practice the qualities instilled by the house system. Moreover, each house takes center stage during morning assemblies, presenting thought-provoking themes that reflect their unique identities and values.

House Names: Symbolism and Qualities

Each house carries a distinctive color and qualities:
1. Amazon with yellow symbolizes ambition, steadfastness, and humility.
2. Ganges with blue embodies wisdom, magnanimous thoughts, politeness, and vigilance.
3. Nile with green signifies ambition, joy, delight, and adaptability.
4. Thames with red represents command, nobility, leadership, bravery, and courage.

A Tailored Approach to Career Guidance at RVS, DLF QEC School

At the Ridge Valley DLF QEC Innovative School, we are dedicated to fostering an environment where each student’s unique aspirations and talents are recognized and cultivated. As partners in this journey, we invite you to join us in supporting and encouraging our students as they embark on their exciting paths to future success.

This collaborative approach ensures that our students are exposed to a wealth of information and real-world experiences, enabling them to make informed decisions about their academic and professional journeys. We believe that providing such targeted guidance is not just about academic success but about nurturing well-rounded individuals ready to thrive in the dynamic world beyond school.

Regular workshops are conducted on different aspects of Career Counselling: Application processes for different countries, requirements of different careers, different courses, essay writing and writing statements of purpose, building a portfolio and other necessary aspects of higher education.  Visits by university representatives throughout the year ensure first-hand information to help students make informed choices

The School counsellor is also available for one on one sessions with parents and students to hold their hand in this journey towards fulfilling their dreams.

Career Counselling sessions 10th April

In a career counselling session organised in school, students of Grades X and XII initiated a discussion on the various study destinations, courses and universities they can choose from. They researched different aspects of career paths, guided by their teachers, career counsellors of the school and presented their findings to their peers.

Career Counselling sessions 28th July

Students of Grades XI and XII were a part of a Career counselling session which provided them with personalized guidance and support to help them make informed decisions about their career path. It involved assessing one’s interests, skills, values, and personality traits to help identify potential career paths that align with their goals and aspirations.

Career Counselling sessions 26th Sept

“Your career will be defined by successes and failures and your perseverance to succeed”. Keeping this in mind, we invited Mr. Ashwin Rose from Ashoka University to discuss the emerging careers that will be more prominent in the future. It ended by providing valuable insights for students in Grades X-XII.

IELTS Master Classes – IDP Learning 27th September

Catch a glimpse of the IELTS master class conducted by Ms. Sujata Chhabra of IDP with the students of Grades XI-XII. They were engaged and involved for a 2-hour long session which taught them that persistence and practice is the key to its preparation.

Career Counselling Session – Destination Ireland 29th Sept

Students of Grades XI and XII were involved in a career counselling session on Destination: Ireland – University of Galway.  The session opened a world of career prospects for the students to explore.

Career Counselling Session – University of Sydney

Grades XI and XII were introduced to the country Australia as their future educational prospect. We had Mr. Sandeep Bhalla, Representative of University of Sydney interacting with the students and explaining the various courses and scholarships being offered, the important steps in the application process , the checkpoints required for an easy transition to the continent of beaches and kangaroos.

Subject Choices – Career Counselling Session – 4th Nov

Students of Grade X attended a Career Counselling workshop by Ms. Anjana Anand and Ms. Richa Dwivedi Saklani from Inomi Learning. The orientation aimed at helping students choose subjects wisely based on their career goals, strengths and attributes . The workshop delved deep into the world of careers with an informative presentation and session.

Profile Building – Career Counselling Session – 7th Nov

Senior School students of Ridge Valley School attended a ‘Profile Building’ session conducted by Ms. Shilpa Sengar, an IELTS master trainer and a qualified college counsellor. Emphasising  on the importance of participating in cocurricular activities along with academic achievements for building a good profile for college admissions, she advised students to  take the SAT exam and access GIDE.AI portal for information and guidance.