Unexplored Realms - Ridge Valley School

Ridge Valley School

“Experimentation keeps new ideas rising to the surface” - Joseph Orr Discovering, exploring new ideas is an integral part of learning science be it real or virtual medium. CCA schools under the aegis of GPSC cum Sahodaya organised UNEXPLORED REALMS - Interschool Science Convention where one of our students Kundrika Upadhyay of grade 8 participated in event - "Virtual Blends with Reality". She demonstrated how change in pitch of sound wave can be detected while filling a water bottle. Her confidence and creativity in explaining the scientific concept with a real life application was commendable. She stood third in the event. We are proud of you Kundrika !! Video:: https://ridgevalleyschool-my.sharepoint.com/:v:/g/personal/rohika_s_ridgevalleyschool_org/EdQMIXJqf2ZCveQ7HMdpUm0BvZ-pqXWGkxqUFsaiIUNvYQ?e=ROBLNO

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