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To train teachers on how to integrate a topic in two subjects by using different tools in virtual classes.
(objective behind the activity)
All teachers were actively involved in the CPD and could understand the use of the tools.
Correlation may be as slight as casual attention to related materials in other subject areas . . . a bit more intense when teachers plan it to make the materials of one subject interpret the problems or topics of another. Fusion designates the combination of two subjects, usually under the same instructor or instructors.’
As per, the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) offered the following definitions in 1935.
The Professional Development Program, Day 3, concluded , with a similar lesson plan shared by the facilitators of Ridge Valley School. The topics, from Fibre to Fabric was integrated with a History sub – topic, of understanding, the Silk Route as the first 'World Wide Web'.
The presentations began with a picture comparison of clothes worn in the prehistoric times and modern times as a trigger. The online tool, Padltet was used for instant response from the group. This was followed by a video presentation on TED-Ed , in the ‘Need and History of Clothing'. Encouraging responses of garments worn unstitched led the discussion towards sarees and a popular fabric used to make them': Silk.
A video on TED Ed , to familiarize the group with the Silk Route and its contribution to early Globalization. To 'Dig Deeper ' in the topic, an open-ended question to ponder was flashed on the screen, which encouraged participants to think about the negative impacts of globalization, keeping in mind the current scenario.
The integration was further taken forward by bringing in the concept of ' Ahimsa Silk' connecting it with life skills.

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