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School Clubs

Clubs are formed so that students can find like-minded individuals outside of their immediate peer group. Whatever their interests or passions are, students can pursue theirs through existing clubs or by finding students and staff who will join them in starting a new one.

The clubs offered are-

Classes Levels Fine Art Craft Modelling Theatrics Music Textiles Life skills Digital Media Indian Dance-Bhartnatyam Western Dance- Cotemporary
Class I & II Basics "Poster Colouring Water colours and Acrylic painting" Paper Craft (Origami and more) Clay Modelling The Basics Vocal- Indian / Western Macrame Life skills- Managing myself Nritta- Rhythm Rhythm and balance
Class III to V Intermediate Pencil, charcoal and ink sketching Paper Mache Pottery Acting Skills Instrumental- Indian/ Western- Classical Needle Craft Cookery Digital Photography Nritya - Rhythm and Expression Jazz dance
Class VI to XII Advance Mural Art, oil painting Art installation Product designing (Installation) Sculpture 2D/ 3D relief Playwright/ Light and Production Instrumental- Indian/ Western- Advanced Textile Design (Block print, Tie and Dye etc) Food Design Graphic Designing and Filming Natya - Rhythm and Dramatization Jazz dance

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