Principal’s Message - Ridge Valley School

Ridge Valley School

Dear Parents and Ridgeans, 

I welcome you to our School with great pride. We lead a school, that delivers holistic learning buzzing with kaleidoscopic vignettes of experiences, through scholastic and co scholastic activities.  

I have worked in education for over two decades, in the areas of teaching, learning, administration training and technology. My work has been acknowledged both national internationally by government and private organizations. 

I am the recipient of The National Teacher’s Award, and have also received several others from several prestigious of institutions. 

I visualize a school that nurtures creative learning, inclusivity, student advocacy embedded in quality education. The 21st century requires a plethora of skills and aptitudes which we can achieve through a child centric approach.  

In Ridge Valley we will ensure that we discover the potential, abilities and competencies of each child to make them future ready to face an everchanging world filled with excitement, wonder and learning. 

The parents, teachers and students are all a community of learning. May we together create a partnership of collective understanding. 

I look forward to working with you with a positive affirmation. 

Thank you .  

Warm regards, 

Ms. Nidhi Tewari 


Ridge Valley School 

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