Ms. Moly Suryawanshi - Ridge Valley School

Ridge Valley School

Ms. Moly Suryawanshi

Position: Teacher (Wellness Dept)

A Chartered Accountant by qualification and an Autism Intervention Specialist with specialization in Behavior Modification and Certification in RMT(I) Level 1 & 2, Therapeutic Listening and Brain Gym, Ms. Moly did her graduation from Calcutta University. Part of Sen Team, Moly brings in lot of positivity and fun into her sessions and her unwavering determination to heal and help has about-school empowered our children with a boost of self- confidence and functional development. She pursues her dreams of empowering families of children with multiple disabilities, primarily those in the spectrum. A behavior therapist by profession, she understands the root cause of negative attention seeking behaviors in a child and meticulously works at bringing in a change.

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