Mr. Varun Shungloo - Ridge Valley School

Ridge Valley School

Mr. Varun Shungloo

Position: Teacher (Sound Byte)

Varun Shungloo has been closely connected with the Indian music industry for almost five years now. Having completed his studies from K.M College Of Music and Technology (A.R Rahman's Institute), he is experienced in various fields within the craft. Even though he specialises in music production and sound engineering, he has works as a lyricist, singer, performer, instrumentalist, programmer, arranger and composer. From background scores to advertisement jingles - he is closely connected to the areas where there is a need for audio. Even though studio sound is his forte, he knows live sound as well. With the rapid growth of the extent of the internet, scope for musicians and audio professionals has never been better in the country. He wishes to teach students all that he has learned and more, so that they can equip themselves with another important skill for the future as well, a rather important tool for creative self-expression. From composing their own songs, to writing their lyrics and recording them, to making background scores and pulling off professional sounding live performances - he wishes for students to be completely independent when it comes to engaging with this intricate and moderately technical art form.

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