Entry Level Syllabus - Ridge Valley School

Ridge Valley School


A student seeking admission is tested in the subjects indicated in the table below.

CLASS I • Phonics sounds (a to z)
• Identifying beginning, middle and ending sounds of three letter words
• Structure of a sentence
• Rearrange the words to write the correct sentence
• Usage of articles.
Patterns, lesser equal, forward counting,
pictorial representations,
tens and ones, before and after,
addition, subtraction, missing number,
CLASS II Reading: Comprehension
Writing: Prepositions, Verbs,
Opposites, Articles,
Jumbled words, Punctuation.
Word Problems, Addition and Subtraction,
Multiplication, Division,
Number Bonds, Skip Counting, Time, Pattern.
CLASS III Reading: Prose Comprehension
Writing: Picture Sequencing,
Creative writing, Jumbled sentences
Grammar: Punctuations, Nouns, Verbs, Prepositions, Adjectives.
Numbers, Place Value – Hundred,
tens and ones, Addition, Subtraction,
Multiplication, Fraction, Money,
Measurements, Shapes & Patterns, Time.
CLASS IV Reading: Unseen Passage.
Writing: Creative Writing, Picture sequencing to create a short story.
Grammar: Preposition, Contraction of words, Verbs, Tenses and Punctuation.
Symmetry, time, fraction,
pattern, measurement, area,
quotient, money, Division,
3-D shapes and Data Handling.
CLASS V Reading: Comprehension (Prose and Poem)
Writing: Short story writing, Letter writing.
Grammar: Kinds of sentences, Subject and Predicate and
Simple Present Tense.
Area, perimeter, fractions, time,
Factors/multiplies, measurements,
space and shape,
Number system and data handling.
CLASS VI Reading: Unseen reading passage
(Prose and Poem)
Writing: Informal Letter, Question tags, Contractions,
Grammar: Prepositions and Tenses.
Number System, HCF&LCM,
Fractions, Geometry, Algebra,
Area & Perimeter, Volume
and Quotient.
Living together, Soil,
Water, Staying Healthy,
Plants, Pollination, Seeds
and Our Body.
CLASS VII Reading: Unseen reading passage (Prose and Poem).
Writing: Poster writing, Travelogue writing, Paragraph writing,
Grammar: Tenses, Articles, Prepositions,
Direct and Indirect
speech, Active and Passive voice.
Algebra, Geometry, Perimeter,
Area, Decimals, Data Handling
and Value.
Structure of Flower,
Nutrition in Plants,
Nutrition in Animals,
Acid, Bases & Salts,
Electricity, Food Groups and Weather.
CLASS VIII Reading: Unseen reading passage (Prose and Poem).
Writing: Article.
Grammar: Question Tags, Tenses, prepositions,
Reported Speech, Active
and Passive voice and Conjunctions.
Linear Equation, Collecting and
organizing data, Perimeter, Area,
Congruence Rule of triangles, Ratio,
proportion and percentage,
Law of Exponents and Operations
on rational numbers.
Electrical Current, Adaptation
of Animals to Climate, Weather,
Climate, Electricity, Photosynthesis
and Nutrition in Plants & Animals.
CLASS IX Reading: Unseen reading passage (Prose and Poem).
Writing: Formal Letter to the Editor, Article.
Grammar: Dialogue writing, Question Tags,
Direct and Indirect Speech, Rearrangement
of sentences, Tenses.
Rational Number, Algebraic expression,
Percentage, Understanding Quadrilateral, Angle sum
properties, Linear equation in one variable, Surface Area
of cube, cuboids and
cylinder, Pythagoras theorem, Perimeter,
Pie chart, Histogram, Data
Handling and Factorization for quadratic equation.
Conduction, Metals & Non-Metals,
Light, Sound, Cell – Structure & Function,
Microorganisms and Plant Cell.
CLASS XI Reading: Unseen reading passage (Prose and Poem).
Writing: Letter to the Principal, Article.
Grammar: Activity, Rearranging sentences, Question
tags and Tenses.
Number System, Quadratic Equation, Arithmetic
Progression, Trigonometry, Coordinate Geometry,
Linear Equations in two variables,
Circles, Probability, Surface Area and Volume.
Chemistry: Chemical Reactions & Equations, Acids, Bases & Salts.
Biology: Life Processes,
Control &Coordination.
Physics: Light & Electricity.

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