Elementor #12340 - Ridge Valley School

Ridge Valley School

Respect, Empathy and Mindfulness

NAME OF THE ACTIVITY: Respect, Empathy and Mindfulness
DATE HELD: 20th April 2022
OBJECTIVES OF THE WORKSHOP: The workshop was organised to teach and imbibe the basic respect, empathy, and mindfulness
BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Children were sensitized about the meaning of Respect, Empathy and Mindfulness. They were informed about the following:
• What is respect?
• How do you treat people?
• What do you do when you get angry?
• Classroom Behaviour
• Empathy and its importance
• How can we practice empathy with others?
• Mindfulness and its importance
• Followed by a video to practice mindfulness
• Concluded with a worksheet
It was wonderful to see the children actively participate in the discussion and share their thoughts and understanding on the subjects.

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