Elementor #10269 - Ridge Valley School

Ridge Valley School

Christmas celebration

The 'joy of giving' message came across beautifully in the virtual assembly celebrating Christmas. The presenters spoke confidently, describing the essence of the festive season and were ably supported by the talented Ridgeans who talked, sang, danced and performed a skit to give a well rounded meaning to the Christmas spirit which highlights the birth of Christ along with the joy that Santa Claus spreads. The audience was treated to a happy vision of Santa and the elves gleefully singing in the School porch. Sharing the good wishes from the Chairperson, Ms. Ameeta Mulla Wattal, Principal Ms. Nidhi Tewari also described this month as one of giving, of selflessness and sacrifice. She stressed that random acts of kindness while touching others, also aid our emotional and mental well-being. She urged the students to be grateful for all that they have and to come together to make lives of the less fortunate a little brighter. The joy of the season was carried forward from virtual to actual as happy students then visited School for some fun, dance and play in the School grounds.

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