CPD on GeoGebra - Ridge Valley School

Ridge Valley School

CPD on GeoGebra

To train teachers on how to integrate GeoGebra as a Math tool in virtual classes.
All teachers were actively involved in the CPD and could understand the use of the tools.
GeoGebra is a Math tool where we can explore over 2000 ready-to-use resources and activities that engage students with exploring and learning elementary, middle, and high school math concepts. It is a new way for teachers to assign engaging student tasks, view live progress of all students, foster live class discussions. As part of CPD, teachers of RVS were introduced to this tool - its applications, how to add various elements to it, steps to integrate these activities in MS Teams as well as teaching on it in GeoGebra classroom. GeoGebra is an online tool which provides activities that are similar to manipulatives available in Math Lab activities.

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