CEMC - Ridge Valley School

Ridge Valley School


To understand the program and courseware offered by CEMC.
CEMC – Centre for Education in Maths and Computing through this webinar gave an insight into their courseware, how they help the students in building their problem-solving skills and be excited about Math and Computing. Insight: I found the webinar to be very interesting as it introduced us to readymade resources in the form of online library, interactive videos etc. The CEMC courseware materials feature lessons, interactive activities, enrichment challenges, and unlimited opportunity for practice with feedback. The courseware is online, free to use, and does not require registration. They gave an overview of what courseware has to offer to the students in India and talked about how the educators can use it to complement their learning practices. The content is free of cost and the content is digitally available to all without any registration. It was mostly for senior classes starting from Grade VII.

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