Capacity building programme - Ridge Valley School

Ridge Valley School

Capacity building programme in Secondary School Assessment

The objective of the workshop was
To help teachers identify ways and means to make their classroom teaching beneficial
To give the teachers a holistic view of what is required to make teaching and learning complementary and effective.
To help the teachers to remain happy and create happy strategies for happy classrooms.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION: The workshop was conducted by Ms. Moninder Pal Kaur (Principal- Modern school, Vikaspuri, Delhi)and Ms.Rakhi Verma (Principal- Heritage Global School, Faridabad). It was attended by teachers from schools in Gurugram, Delhi and NCR region.
The workshop began by a brief introduction by each member present wherein the members told their names along with their happiness quotient. The Participants were enthralled by the interesting presentation given by the speakers.
The session was interactive as teachers worked in small groups for each topic taken up in each session of the workshop and brainstormed their views before presenting them through enactments, role play, brief discussions, visual aids like poster and games. The underlying intent was to make the participants absorb the idea that a teacher who is well grounded in the idea of being happy, will make her/his teaching effective literally. A happy teacher will deliver a happy curriculum making the learners happy.
The facilitators were able to connect with the participants with relevant study material, self-awareness exercises insights, real life examples and light comments supported by audio visual aids. The relevance of teaching as more than a profession and its far reaching effects, which all the more makes it necessary to be based on happiness was touched upon. Techniques that help the happiness factor to be present and constant, to get strengthened, to expand and spread were discussed in detail.
The 3+1magic words; the important key and switch to being happy; aids like a situational diary; pastoral care, cultivating and maintaining a conducive environment within the school both in the classroom and staffroom; developing and following a ‘Happiness Formula’, were some of the activities that kept the participants interested, engaged and respond with enthusiasm. The pathway to happiness with a home school balance, joy of giving and helping, time management, mindfulness, reflection, gratitude, patience and optimism were also discussed.
The workshop reinforced that being happy requires some effort being put in every day to make it a part of oneself so that it spreads out to others, especially to our classrooms. The facilitators had a deep understanding of the topic and they were able to answer the questions asked by the participants

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