Maths Workshop by Jodogyan

Soccer Festival At RVS

  Maths Workshop by Jodogyan on 2nd Dec. 2014 . Attended by Mandakini Dixit and Payal Kataria Resource Persons: Mr. Shaji and Ms. Komal The topic covered was Maths at the Primary School level and how to make it interesting so that the children do not fear or hate maths. Certain pointers were given on how teachers could approach math teaching. Maths is basically problem solving for which reasoning and understanding is central and rote learning cannot help to achieve this. Numbers are an abstract concept with an inbuilt reasoning and need to be taught so that  the child understands the number and not just its symbol. Numbers need to be attractive to a child who then actually counts with examples and gradually goes on to the abstract concepts of maths. Age appropriate activities and concept related activities need to be practiced repeatedly after they have been learnt so  that a skill for maths develops  leading to stronger neurological paths . Maths taught correctly will train children for problem solving and dealing with consequences of choices they make which prepares them to deal with life  in the real world as well. Teaching should facilitate spirit of cooperation among the children and make them curious and confident to work on problems without anxiety of failure. The teachers present, were given demos and  they participated in the use of tool kits that showed how the above mentioned pointers could be achieved. Kits like Ganitmaala, Maan Cards, Number Catchers, Rangometry, Jodo Straws , various board games  and a ppt were used to explain the additive, multiplicative and geometrical aspects  and enable  learning of maths to become  a joint journey for teacher and student .