Workshop on Innovative Experimental Activities to Promote Scientific Attitude among Students

Soccer Festival At RVS

The session consisted of hands on learning and discussions on innovative experiments in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The objective of the workshop was to promote scientific attitude amongst young learners. The mentors emphasised on the integration of the three main streams of Science i.e. Physics, Chemistry and Biology. They suggested that one should not perform an experiment with a desired outcome in mind. A teacher should encourage the students to perform experiments, observe results and then find out the reasons for the outcomes. In today’s scenario, students show their interests in pursuing a course in Engineering or Medical, rather than studying Pure science for the under graduate level culminating to research work. It’s a teacher’s responsibility to motivate them towards the main stream. For this the mentors invited the participant schools to bring their students of Grades 9-12 to the lab of the South Delhi Campus (Delhi University) on any Saturday. The experimental activities executed in the workshop were well planned and self-explanatory. The mentors were excellent guides.  Each experiment was done several times, which threw up variations. It was explained, why, every individual experiment, even with identical parameters varied. The teachers were told to encourage similar independent attempts by students in the Labs. This will foster independent research. At the end of every experiment, variations in the results of every group was discussed explicitly. The mentors ended up the session saying that this is not the end but the beginning, we have to take this forward and involve the teaching fraternity in this great mission.