Workshop for Physics Teachers _ Witnessing Wonders

Soccer Festival At RVS

Sadhu Vaswani International School For Girls organized a Training Workshop – “Witnessing wonders” in collaboration with BVN-IAPT Anveshika- a platform floated by the Physics teachers for all the schools of Delhi & NCR under the coordinator ship of Dr H.C.Verma, the eminent Professor of Physics, IIT Kanpur. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Samar Bagchi, Ex-Director, Birla Industrial and Technological Museum, Kolkata and was meant for Teachers teaching Physics in classes (VI-X). The objectives of the workshop were to ·         To expose teachers to innovative science experiments through which they can make their  classrooms interesting and captivating. ·         To introduce scientific concepts using no cost, low cost innovative experiments. The idea of “Building concepts in young learners through activities” was very well demonstrated by Mr. Samar Bagchi. He explained the very complicated concepts of Physics through very simple and low cost experiments. He even involved the teachers to perform the activities along with him and frequently questioned them to make the session very interactive.