Workshop on Exam Taking Skills

Soccer Festival At RVS

A workshop on Exam Taking Skills was conducted by Ms. Nitya Ram, from Learn Today at Vasant Valley School on 13th July 2017. The workshop began with sharing the understanding of the participants of their opinion about the most important skill/s needed for exam taking. The participants shared their understanding about the same . This was done through the post- it learning activity. The worshop primarily focussed on the meta analysis of Barbara Oakley’s- Learning how to learn, Sutton’s Trust Teacher Toolkit, Hattie’s Visible Learning, Dunlosky’s effective learning strtaegies and Freeman and Scott’s Active learning strategies. The facilitator also shared the information about Focussed and Diffused mode of thinking to gain a deeper insight into the thinking and learning process of the learner.Some interesting strategies such as making flgs of students name to ask questions, asking students to write an appropriate question/s to summarise the learning done, attempting the problem given using SOLO’s Taxonomy etc were the highlights of the workshop.