Jodo Gyan Workshop

Soccer Festival At RVS

Teachers Conducting: Ms. Indrani Das, Ms. Gurjeet Kaur, Ms. Divyasmita Biyani Teachers Involved: Early years and Primary Teachers At the outset, the benefits of Jodo Gyan and its use and implementation in Grades Nursery – V were discussed. Teachers had hands – on experience with quite a number of games and activities.  The workshop commenced with Rangometry and the concepts that can be introduced with it, namely ascending order, descending order, odd and even numbers, smallest and greatest numbers, spatial arrangement, recognition of numbers, data handling, estimation etc.  This was followed by an introduction of the Ganitmala, and how to make use of it in the best possible way - forward and backward counting, before and after etc. Maan cards, addition and subtraction on the number line, tens and ones, mental addition and subtraction were some of the other concepts that were discussed in the one and half hour session.  With a lot of enthusiasm, teachers played games such as, 100 rang ki khoj, Jodo sticks and taming multiplication. This enabled them to understand that these mathematical tools can be used for introduction or reinforcement of a concept.