Seminar on Brain Gym 26

Soccer Festival At RVS

Ridge Valley School, Gurgaon had a seminar on Brain Gym 26 conducted by a Brain Gym 26 trained therapist and existing faculty  Ms. Moly Suryawanshi, a behaviour therapist and an RMT (i) (level 1 & 2) trained interventionist. It was an introductory inset sensitizing the teachers and staff of RVS about the benefits of doing Brain Gym based activities and exercises with children in the class. Brain Gym® is a system developed by learning specialist Paul E. Dennison, Ph.D., and his wife and partner Gail E. Dennison, in which simple, enjoyable physical movements are used to enhance our ability to learn process information and respond to the world around us in an ease-filled, effective way. The in-service seminar lasted 2 hours during which teachers were briefed about the ways in which Brain Gym facilitates learning. It was a fun filled session where both the presenter and the teachers used various brain gym movements to understand techniques of stress management and facilitate active learning. This programme consists of 26 movements and activities that enhance organization, comprehension, logical thinking, focus and attitude. This in turn brings about an improvement in reading, writing, listening, maths skills, comprehension, attention and concentration.