Breaking the Mould

Soccer Festival At RVS

                                                                                             Breaking the Mould 23rd April, 2015 Vasant Valley School, New Delhi A workshop was conducted by Mrs. Preminda Langer from Universal Learn Today on the importance of Differentiated Learning in progressive schools. It was attended by Ms.Jasmine Aul and Ms.Richa Sogani. The workshop was conducted to sensitise the teachers to differentiated requirements of each student in the class and to help them in planning their instructional strategies based on the same. It highlighted the fact that each child is unique and has different learning styles i.e. visual, auditory or kinaesthetic. The teacher should creatively design her lesson to cater to their individual needs. A special emphasis was given on the working of the brain, where it was pointed out that either right or left side of the brain would be more dominant in most individuals and more so till the age of 10.  Accordingly, their learning styles and interests would differ. A deeper understanding on the part of the teacher would help her to strategize the learning procedures and achieve the desired outcomes. The workshop also propagated the idea of Multiple Intelligence as it hones various aspects of the child’s personality. The workshop was enriching for the teachers and gave them a new perspective to delve deeper into the child’s psychology. It would help them brainstorm new and improved strategies to help every child embrace his/her individuality and realise their utmost potential.