How young children think ….and learn

Soccer Festival At RVS

  Name of the workshop – How young children think ….and learn   Conducted by – By Ms Shivani   Date – 12th Feb, 2015   Venue –Vasant Valley School   Attended By –Ms Namrata Datta, Ms Swati Sabherwal, Ms Payal Kataria This workshop highlighted the need to understand how young learners think and how they react to various situations. It talked about the importance of fun and happiness in every learning experience that is provided to the child so that learning happens effectively. Few of the important points of how children learn were with the help of: ·         Using senses ·         Manipulating material that is like real life(toys) ·         Concrete activities ·         Through pictures ·         Abstractions Finally, what we must do to make learning effective is by making planning and reflection by the children a regular part of their day, ask open ended questions from them and of course listen attentively to what they have to say.