Helping is Healing…..And….Healing is possible

We started this journey into Inclusion with the vision of making difference into each of our children’s lives. At RVS, we strongly believe that inclusion transcends just academic participation. It is the ability to empower a child for not just academic lessons in a group set up but also reinforces and provides the child the ability to socially and emotionally connect with his peers and his environment.
With such a profound Vision to ensure that each of our children evolves into a confident and happy individual our team at Ridge Valley believes in building connect with each of the child, understand his needs and respect the same by providing the desired environment to enable the child to foster and grow.
Attitude is everything
We believe that all students can participate. Each one has their own individual strength and as mentors we strive to foster them. Inclusive teaching strategies refer to any number of teaching approaches that address the needs of students with a variety of backgrounds, learning styles, and abilities. These strategies contribute to an overall inclusive learning environment, in which students feel equally valued.
Teacher Sensitization programs
We conduct Teacher training workshops so that it empowers them to understand their children better. Intermittently teachers are trained to understand the behaviors, learning styles, sensory needs of the children which enable them to devise strategies in partnership with the SEN team to match up with the learning styles.
Promote Independence
Independence, no matter how insignificant it may seem, builds self-esteem and preserves the student's integrity. Students learn independence by doing, not by watching others do for them. We limit “hand over hand” assistance and give as few prompts as possible when assisting students.
Use of Visuals
We understand that majority of our children have the ability to “Think in Pictures”. We have created a learning environment with the aid of pictures, cues, schedules and drawings that empower them to communicate, understand and cope better with their environment.
·         Curriculum is differentiated in bullet points and pictures to aid learning.
·         Academic step down within the curriculum is created to empower the child towards receptive development.
Meeting with their Sensory Needs
To enable our children to regulate better and focus back to task we have created a stimulated Sensory environment to meet their needs. We have formulated the day structures which involves intermittent movement which helps them to modulate and focus back to task.
·         A multi - sensory room to meet different needs of our children.
·         Brain gym activities in the class set up.
·         Hands on class room based sensory intervention to calm the child.
Use Technology Effectively
We use technology as a great equalizer to meet with the diverse learning needs of our children. Use of assistive technology like Interactive whiteboards, keyboards, speaker’s aid in the different learning styles of the learners.
Peer Sensitization
Sensitization of the peers is done with Social Stories thereby addressing the multiple needs of the child. They are made aware of different situations and problems faced by the children without highlighting an individual.
Assigning buddy for social inclusion works well in nurturing the social and emotional needs of the child.
Creating a Partnership with Parents
Last but not the least we at RVS believe that we cannot walk the path alone. We believe in empowering our parent community by regular updates on child though PTM’s, IEP Reviews etc. We have an open door policy where every fortnight parents are encouraged to discuss their concerns about the children. We share home protocols thereby empowering them to work better with their children
At Ridge Valley we have Hope which stems from the feeling of trust and the desire for good. We strive towards an authentic desire for a positive outcome.