Earth Day

Ridgeons involved themselves in week long activities to observe Earth day. The global theme for this year's Earth Day -’End Plastic Pollution ‘ was taken up with students from Grade 3 to Grade 10. All took up research to identify number of plastic items being used  in their routine life  and found out ways to replace the same. The primary school children then designed products with clay to replace plastic items.

Early years took a nature walk and collected items to make art pieces using the same. They also learnt about waste segregation.

Middle and Senior school students were a part of a workshop -Deforestation vs Afforestation. Logs of wood were collected from the dump yard and saved from going into a fire and increasing pollution- instead they converted them into an art installation. Children worked with logs of wood painting  ‘concentric lines on them’ realizing how long it takes for a tree to mature and how callously we fell them. This was done amidst the ancient chants of ‘Shanti paath’ urging the universe to allow peace to flow through all of us. The objective was to sensitize our children on the symbiotic relationship between nature and humans. If we have to survive we need to take care of Mother Earth.