Young leaders meet 2018

Leadership is practiced not so much in words as in attitude and in actions.

‘Young leaders meet’ was organised for the students of Grades 6-9 on 15th and 16th March 2018.

The objective of the workshop was to make them learn about their strengths and weaknesses and accept them without any inhibitions. Also to motivate them to realise their full potential and gear up to push themselves to accept rigour and challenges.

The entire workshop comprised of two days wherein children went through a journey of self-discovery, awareness, challenge and motivation.

On Day 1 the students talked about the attributes of a true leader and compared them with their own skill sets.  Post this, the students were divided house wise led by a team leader who then took them through an array of self-discovery games which aimed at developing their team building skills, cooperative, collaborative, problem solving and planning skills.

On Day 2 the students went on a field trip where they discovered problems of that particular place and after a thorough research came out with excellent solutions for the same. They further presented their study in front of the whole group and teachers, confidently answering the queries.

The team building activities and games were thoroughly enjoyed by the students. The workshop came to an end with a presentation by the students where they shared their study with a lot of compassion and empathy intact towards people targeted by the problems. They felt highly motivated after receiving the tags from their group members. Overall it was an enriching experience adding to the smiles on the faces of our young leaders.