Womens Day Celebration

‘A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform!’

Ridge Valley School, Gurgaon celebrated Women’s Day on 8th March by gathering together and sharing a few fun moments in each other’s company. The Male staff stood guard, taking care of the students and making sure that the ‘Oestrogen Army’ had their share of smiles and laughter.

The female teachers and the female admin staff were gifted a notepad each, with a personalized message which sang of their talents and attributes. It helped boost their confidence, making them realize their worthiness in school. They were presented yellow roses too which symbolized friendship, feelings of joy and delight. It sent out a message of warmth and appreciation.

The female support staff was given their share of credit too by making them understand and believe that the society runs because of them. They were given a colourful painting each, made by the students of RVS. They were also asked to introduce themselves and were applauded for their contribution to the school.

It was a wonderful feeling and made all the women present their revel in their true worth, be it at home, in school, in the society and in the nation.