Vigyaan 2018 The Science Exhibition

Benjamin Franklin had understood the true meaning of education when he had said - "Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn." With a view to encourage, popularize and inculcate scientific temperament in children, Ridge Valley School, Gurugram organised a Science Exhibition, ‘Vigyaan’ on 15th February 2018. Students showcased their scientific acumen in many ways and related the same to everyday life.

The event saw young enthusiastic participants from Grades 3 to 9 putting up different participatory exhibits comprising of innovative working models and investigation-based projects. Models like the hydraulic crane, hologram, eco cooler and air purifiers grabbed the attention of the audience. The students showed great interest in presenting and demonstrating their work while giving a scientific explanation behind their models. Since the models and projects presented by the kids were made by them as a part of their science lessons in the school, it gave them a great deal of confidence in presenting them as they were thorough with the principle behind their working. Their confidence won them appreciation from one and all. They were able to answer the queries of the audience effectively. They even had their follow-up activities ready to assess the understanding of their audience. The entire school was abuzz with activity. The Exhibition was a huge success.