Visit to Heritage Transport Museum

On 17th February 2018 the pupils of Grades 1 and 2 along with their teachers visited ‘The Heritage Transport Museum’ which is situated, off National Highway 8, at Tauru-Gurgaon.

Our journey began with a mesmerizing movie on ‘Airplanes’ which showcased the journey of the wheel from the carts to the aero planes. The museum gallery showcases the evolution of the Indian car industry, as well as cars that have been used in India since the advent of motoring. On display were over 75 vintage and classic cars - parked alongside a recreated Indian street scene from yesteryears, sporting vintage Ephemera. A timeline of transportation in India, beginning with the story of the wheel, on display were palanquins, howdahs, bullock carts, horse carriages, and camel carts. Alongside these were displayed decorative objects, such as carriage lamps, carbide lamps, and palanquin finials. The museum explores the grandeur of travel by rail through a historically inspired railway platform and a 1930s restored railway saloon from BBCI Railway. Also on display were models of popular locomotives and memorabilia including original posters, train tickets, lamps and railway maps.

This gallery even detailed the history and evolution of Indian aviation industry, including early trials and experiments and the history and growth of Air India. The early models of aircrafts used in India, supported by original posters, timetables, tickets and advertisements were also on display. Suspended in mid-air in the gallery was a restored 1940s Piper J3C Cub aircraft, in its signature chrome yellow.

It showcased an inventory of fun, collectible, nostalgic, original toys made in wood, tin and die-cast toys, all made by Indian manufacturers, allowing one to cherish rich memories of their childhood.

Children enjoyed rolling wheel, camel cart and free play activities as well. Overall, it was great fun and learning experience for our students.