Visit to Botanical Garden

“Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature.” - Gerard De Nerva

Ridge Valley School always aimed at promoting love and care for our nature, yet took another step towards this as the tiny tots were taken for a fun filled experience to the ‘Tau Devi Lal Bio Diversity Park ‘on the 12th of Feb, 18. The windy day became pleasant with the little sunshine added and the little ones’ excitement had no boundaries as they stepped into the school buses.

Nature walks have always been an integral component of our curriculum and the Botanical Garden offered enriching outdoor learning experience to the students. The plant collections provided a feast for the eyes and inculcated in children the ability to appreciate nature's abundant beauty.

The students got an opportunity to feel the fresh air and get closer to the nature. As they walked through the garden, they looked around at the different trees, plants, flowers, medicinal plants, etc. and were curious to know about them. They also saw a green house and wanted to know its importance.  The teachers handled their curiosity well and answered the questions that enthused their little minds. In fact, a simple nature walk through the garden opened their senses to the natural world stimulating a love for learning and a very positive and long-lasting personal connection to our natural environment.  A heightened sense of respect, caring and appreciation for our world, our natural habitats and the creatures that inhabit them was also fostered.

The students counted trees, bugs, birds, fallen leaves and even tried listening to the birds, quietly imitating their songs. Rubbing the barks was an experience and playing various games like fire on the mountain, dog and the bone, etc. help build on their social, gross motor skills.

The picnic came to an end as the students relished the yummy ‘rajma rice’ served while they sat on the mat with their friends.

The objective of the visit was well achieved and the young minds learnt to appreciate plants and create 'greens' in their environment. The enormous learning from the visit would stay with them forever.