The Ridgean Family Fest was an attempt  to enable the children to both, rejoice in the festivities and become responsible human beings and guardians of the Earth. The Fest was held on Saturday, December 23, 2017, from 11a.m. to 3p.m. Carrying on with our theme of Sustainable Development Goals,a Snow Man made with old bottles by the art department was put up as a central installation in the arena. We also provided our children a platform to implement sustainability in different spheres of their lives; through various activities that were conducted in the fest.Some of these were Fashion show on sustainable clothing, stalls that had games such as- Rally for Rivers, Snakes & Ladders on SDG board,Tossing the Ring over reused things and many more.The objective was to hone the skills of the students such as planning, strategizing, creativity and entrepreneurial skills. Taking our commitment to community forward, a very noble gesture was initiated through the Blood Donation Camp where a lot of members of the school community showed their generosity by taking part in it. Local farmers were invited to promote organically grown foods. Feeding India, an NGO that works to help food collection/combat hunger joined us at the Fest, where the students made sandwiches,cut in two halves, one of which was collected by the NGO. Janmadhyam, an NGO who attempts to make specially-abled  people self-reliant, also raised funds through art work. Sukarya, another NGO, put up their stall,where spices made by the women from under-privileged background, were sold. The introduction of Indigenous Sports this year, was an attempt to promote the native characteristics of the games played in Northern India. The festival was enjoyed by the entire Ridgean Community!