One Nation Reading Together

Learning to read is an exciting time for children. “One Nation Reading Together” event was conducted in the grounds of Ridge Valley School, Gurugram on the sunny winter morning of 24th November, 2017 to celebrate the pleasures of reading.  The aim of the event was to create awareness among students about the importance of books and reading so as to enrich their creativity, writing and reading skills.

The students read out the pledge specially written for this event by the celebrated award-winning author Jerry Pinto. They celebrated reading as a pleasurable and enjoyable activity. The entire school community enjoyed the participation in the event including students, teachers, support staff as well as admin department. Beautiful thoughts and expressions about books and reading were written on the ‘Graffiti Walls’ by different range of readers.

The One Nation Reading Together campaign was launched by Scholastic in 2008 and is now a nationwide initiative in which millions of children, parents and teachers across the country spend a day to make reading fun, fostering good reading habits among the children.

In 2016, an estimated 2,000 schools around the country participated in this event. The most special thing about ONRT is that for every school that participates in the event, Scholastic India will donate 100 books to the library of a needy school. 

Overall it was a knowledgeable and enriching experience.