Drama Fest at the Air Force Auditorium

Drama permeates our everyday lives and serves a variety of purposes. It enables us to understand ourselves, the people around us and the world in which we live. It helps identify and build cultural identity. RVS students from Grade 5 got yet another opportunity to showcase their talent in the field of theatre. Students participated in a grand event organised by Vasant Valley school -: The “Drama Fest” , which was held at the Air Force Auditorium along with participation from all the leading schools of Delhi/ NCR .

 The theme of the fest was ‘Circus’.

The contingent from Ridge Valley performed a musical play for the event. The troupe created a spellbinding aura with their colourful costumes, perfectly coiffured hairdos  and make up. This play was based on ‘The Lost Child’ by Mulk Raj Anand along with the scintillating music, that further added to make the drama really electrifying.

The drama was really appreciated by the audience. The students received a rousing applause in the end. It was a wonderful and motivating experience for the participants as they received a lot of accolades for their outstanding performance. Kudos to the RVS students for their efforts!!!