On the 14th and 15th Day of September 2017, the students of Grade 4 of Ridge Valley School, Gurgaon, participated in ‘VVeaves’, an Inter School Theme Festival hosted by the Vasant Valley School, Delhi.
VVeaves, a two-day trans disciplinary journey of learning woven across 10 different domains.

14th September, Thursday saw our children all togged up and off they went straight and though the heat had really upped the ante, they gamely went through all the activities with great seriousness. Energy is ruling their life as they explored the theme “The Power of Imagination”

Ridge valley children were all agog wondering what the experience will be like.  At Vasant Valley School they met their counterparts from 10 different schools and worked collaboratively to unlock the power of imagination for three hours. The groups worked harmoniously and by the end of three hours were quite sure of what they wanted to showcase for the final presentation.

On day two 15th September , Friday, students culminated their learning as they showcased their creativity on the prestigious Vasant Manch. Their presentations were highly appreciated by one and all.

The theme ‘Power Of Imagination’ was explored by the students through different domains like Drama, Puppetry, Western Music, Indian Music, Art, Percussion, Technology, Music and movement, Western Dance and Indian Dance.

Our student representatives were-

Aarav Hopper, Aryaman Dua, Aadit Tuli, Aarnavi Chauhan, Kaden D,souza, Navyaa Mittal, Mohit Chandra, Shaarav Roy and Meher Kaur Suryawanshi.

Ms. Meenu Kingar had the opportunity to accompany the participants and be a part of this festival.
It was a wonderful learning experience for all the students and the teacher who accompanied them.