Story Telling Session- Mangoes & Mischief

On Friday 25th August, Mrs. Sreedevi Gopakumar, author of ‘Mangoes & Mischief’, hosted an interactive story telling session for students of Kindergarten and Nursery Grade. She is a children’s book author, keen animal right activist and a doting parent to a 6 year old studying in Ridge Valley School.

The day started on a bright and sunny note, with the children enthusiastically gathering in the school library to listen to a story on their favourite fruit, Mangoes. Mrs. Gopakumar read out the book, ‘Mangoes and Mischief’ with animated expressions and gestures while the children listened with rapt attention. The story was centered around ‘Mangoes’ and characters Malu and Moidootty who find themselves in a pickle for stealing mangoes, and, what must they do to get themselves out of trouble.

A perfect mix of thrill and excitement, the session lasted for about an hour which included storytelling and follow up activities like- playing with mango scented play dough, tasting mango delicacies (aam papad) and more. The students presented her a ‘Thank you’ card as a token of appreciation.