Investiture Ceremony

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.

Another year, with more responsibilities and the determination to excel in carrying out the duties bestowed on each member of the Student Council was what the students of Ridge Valley School witnessed during the Investiture Ceremony. Members of the present council walked down the stairs elegantly, led by the School Captain followed by the Sports Captains. Their graceful walk and content in their eyes showcased how respectfully they performed their duties as the council members. They were ready to hand over their duties to the next council encouraging them to perform with equal integrity and honesty.

The Student council was announced as Ms. Guneet Ohri pinned the badges on their shoulders. The oath of abiding by the rules and regulations of the responsibility imparted on the new members was taken.

At the end of the ceremony, Principal, Mrs. Guneet Ohri addressed the council members and encouraged everyone to support the student council and how they should all be united in taking forward the school values.