Nomination Process for Junior Student Council

“The greatest gift we can give our children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of freedom”

In this spirit, the students of Grade 5 filled up nomination forms for various posts in the Junior Student Council where they explained which posts they deemed themselves fit for and why. The enthusiasm of the students was palpable. ‘The art of communication is the language of leadership’, they say. So, to select the students with stellar leadership qualities, they were made to go through two rounds of Group Discussions. The first one was an elimination round where they discussed the topic- ‘Should RVS go paperless?’ Through this invigorating discussion, 18 students were then chosen for Round 2. In round 2, they discussed whether ‘Snacks bars should be there in Cinema Halls or not’. After an energetic discussion in the second round, 11 students were finally chosen who then went on for a personal interview with Principal Ma’am. The children participated with full gusto and were very proactive in answering questions. The portfolios were finally decided by the Principal, Junior School Mentor and some staff members.