Harry Potter week (31st July-4th Aug)

The Harry Potter week commenced with ‘Character Improvisation’ in order to create interest for literary pursuits in the children and familiarity with a famous author and her work. 

Birthdays are fun, especially if it’s your favourite author’s! On 31st July, Grades 4 & 5 came dressed up to school to celebrate JK Rowling’s Birthday. The excitement was palpable and there was a magical aura all around because they had dressed up as characters from the Harry Potter series! Ridge Valley School transformed into Hogwarts as we witnessed many a Harry Potters, Professor Dumbledore, Hermione Grangers and even Dobby the house elf! Magic spells were cast and famous lines of dialogue delivered. Students put their most confident foot forward as they came up on stage and enacted various characters. As a follow up of this activity, Grade 4 wrote a Diary entry on how they celebrated JK Rowling’s birthday and Grade 5 wrote letters to her wishing her a very Happy birthday!

There was also a book quiz event which was based mainly on J.K. Rowling and other famous authors. Students were made to sit house wise and 1 question was asked to each house in the sequence of the houses. There were disparate questions involving the character’s names, date of birth, based on novels etc. Children completely enjoyed the various activities building on their awareness, literary, social and communication skills.