A talk by Major A. K. Singh

‘Work hard, be kind, and amazing things will happen.’

-Conan O'Brien


In the 2nd session of the Guest Speaker Series, Ridge Valley School, was honoured by the presence of Major Ashok Kumar Singh, the first physically challenged man who sailed round the world in a sailing boat. Principal Mrs. Guneet Ohri felicitated the ex-army officer who is an avid adventurer and believes in experiencing than remembering. The session was attended by the students of Middle School who listened attentively as he shared his amazing success stories.

Major A.K. Singh shared his dream of sailing around the world and how it took him 6 years to actually materialize his dream. Hand glider crash leading to his one leg being amputated could not prevent him from pursuing his dream. His learnings from his 15.5 months of sailing were highly motivating.

He emphasized on the fact that we all have potential and with good morals, good ethics and hard work, he motivated the future citizens to achieve high in life.

 ‘THINK BIG’ was his mantra as it will facilitate us to gain an opinion on anything and everything on the earth whether it is big or small. Once we gain the right perspective and empower ourselves with education we will learn that we matter, and it will help us gain self esteem, which, he believes, is the most important thing.   

The session also included a video of his journey along with his crew and their survival story as they sailed close to the winds. It included many pictures and enlightened the students about ways to survive at sea. His book ‘Beyond Horizons: Around the World in a Sailing Boat’ can inspire each one of us to dream high and finally achieve it. After a brief Question and Answer session, he concluded with a message for the students-

“It’s never too early”.

The session went off very well as it exposed the RVS students to real world life experiences from the position of someone who has been there. The talk made an impact on our students as they pledged to dream high and finally achieve it.

Thank You Sir!  for sharing your accolades with us.