Summer Fun

Sun is shining. Weather is sweet. Make you wanna move your dancing feet.”   -  Bob Marley

Dancing to the tunes of summer songs, children of Grades Nursery-2 welcomed summer with a splash pool party, sprinkler and bouncy which was organised for them within the school premises.   

Before breaking for the vacations, ‘Summer Fun’ was organised for the children. They enjoyed splashing water on each other in the splash pool, dancing under the sprinklers on their favourite songs and looked vibrant in their colourful swimsuits and trunks. After playing in the water, the children used the water from the splash pools, to water the plants in the school garden, which helped them to learn to save water. To beat the summer heat, students relished ice-creams too, in their classes. It was indeed a fun day for the students before the school closed for the summer break.