NIE Workshop on Goal Setting

On the 6th of May the entire middle school had the benefit of being part of a workshop by Ms. Seema Nagar, associated with TOI, which enabled them to gain many insights into achieving and sustaining success in life. We learnt that Success doesn't just depend on talent or skills. It is a result of numerous habits that create a personality which can summon his or her skills and talent at will. The NIE workshop brought to table many such tricks and tools that children can use every day to improve their concentration and develop a steady focus with clear goals in life. This workshop talked about how it is important to carry out a very thorough SWOT Analysis in life. To cite a few examples it was explained how a child must not listen to a song while studying because the mind will focus on the lyrics but instead listening to soft music without lyrics improves your concentration. It was explained how we need to have a working space at home which is used only to study or to think. To the ones who were ready to take notes, an entire table of Do’s and Don'ts in addition to the very useful tools, was put up on display and explained with many creative examples.