Asia Pacific Schools Initiative Project

On the 6th of April, 3 students and one teacher of Ridge Valley School made way to participate in the South Asia Pacific Schools Initiative conducted by Centre for Escalation of Peace. Children studied various case studies under different subjects like philosophy, evolution of society and Art through naturally engaging activities carried out by prominent speakers from varied fields of engagement like journalism, Media, Corporate Business, Education; to catalyze in children the need to learn from these studies an application model that can be created to impact a large community in a positive manner.

Some of the activities included writing, others drawing, few even dancing while children and teachers alike learnt how we can develop peace through collaborative efforts with institutions and non governmental bodies working to achieve the singular aim of prospering together for better. Each day started with a meditation session gearing slowly for intense and lively workshops that enlightened children on how to carry out a large project with many tools of self assessment a rubrics management system which can ensure steady course correction at regular intervals of the project.

One particular session ended with a musical Drum Circle that allowed children to loosen up and enjoy each others’ company so they can take that energy in learning learnt to develop patience for brainstorm sessions challenging and agreeing to contradictory ideas to reach a consensus with mutual respects. Many of these sessions included discussions on complex philosophies presented and studied in the most engaging ways. Towards the end of this week long programme each child was introduced to a part of a six member team including a teacher and 5 other students from other schools, to carry out a 9 month long project in a subject of their choice to bring about a change in the lives of others around us.