Achieving at The Achievers

The 5th International Youth Conference “Earth and Man” organized this year by Welham Boys’ School, Dehradun and The Achievers’ Programme (TAP), Chandigarh, on April 21 and 22 created a platform for students to share their environmental concerns for the world and to identify appropriate solutions to some of the problems that persist. The theme this year was Emerging Technologies and Mother Earth.


This conference provided an opportunity for children, as future leaders of tomorrow, to interact and collaborate on a network to establish ties that transcend cultural diversity and geographical barriers. The aim was simple yet concrete; to nurture international understanding and co-operation in making the world a better place for all.

 The “Earth and Man” conference was a call to this generation to understand the problems that plague our Mother Earth and take action to create a positive wave of impact. Children were encouraged to assume their roles as youth leaders in the area of Earth Sciences and bring an impactful positive change to save Mother Earth.

One of the 17 teams that participated from across the country was Ridge Valley with two of its best from Grade 8, Rohan Joseph Hopper and Arjun Singh Rajawat. The two boys worked collaboratively to develop and present their thoughts with efficacy. As a result, Ridge Valley was complimented by participant schools and their facilitators alike for its presentation and effective means of handling Questions and Answers.

Rohan and Arjun presented their conference in a conversational way covering various aspects focusing on what technology is and how emerging technologies can help in saving the environment and Earth.

Despite being the youngest registrants, Ridge Valley boys secured the Runners Up award for BEST PRESENTATION and left a lasting impact on the all those who attended the meet.