Reiterating and restoring faith in human relationships’

The evening of 21st October 2016, saw the Ridge Valley School grounds transform into an India that once existed!! The much awaited Annual Day preparations were bearing fruit.

This year’s theme entwined an emotional tale of bonding and trust… showcasing pure human emotions written by the great Gurudev Rabindra Nath Tagore’s-‘The Kabuliwala’- gatha ek atoot bandhan ki

 Lt. Gen. Rajender Singh, CEO DLF Foundation and Chairman of the school kindly consented to be the Chief Guest. With his soul stirring message urging the audience  ‘ not to give up’ and work towards achieving their goals

The Principal, Mrs. Guneet Ohri felt that in turbulent times of today, when suspicion and fear stalk all of humanity while connecting with strangers, she believed this story would bring forth pure affection and undiluted emotion between two human beings, who not only have a huge age gap but are also in no way similar. Their caste, colour, nationalities are different too, yet their bond is pure.

Even though there was a contemporary touch to the play, the connection between the characters was pristine and left the audience with a yearning for the bygone era.

The young Ridgeans brought to life the nuances of a variety of emotions and the amphitheater was resonating with sighs and applauses.

‘The Fusion ensemble’ by the Ridgean Orchestra stirred the urge to set forth on a journey  notwithstanding any disappointments that may come our way as they performed to the lilting music of ‘Ekla Chalo Re’.