Physical Education

Being physically fit is not only the key to a healthy body, it is also the cornerstone of dynamic and creative mental ability. Physical activity is essential for a child's all-round development. Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play, children learn how to learn. The school recognises the importance Sports as it contributes to the holistic development of a child. We offer a wide range of activities, both during and after school hours.

Ridge Valley offers its students a wide range of possibilities in sporting events.

For our Young Learners Education programme provides unique opportunities for them to move with ease and confidence, as they enjoy activities, such as running, turning, twisting, chasing, throwing, catching, striking, floating, and balancing. They are also urged to respond to challenges to the mind and body; and participate, compete, and cooperate with others. The aim is to develop their agility, coordination, and confidence; build a competitive spirit, while recognising the value of cooperation, fair play, and team work.

Grade I onwards we train our students in Taekwondo, Gymnastics, Yoga, Ultimate Frisbee, Skating ,Soccer, Tennis, Basketball, Cricket Badminton & Athletics. We encourage our students to actively take part in all sports activities. Additionally at Ridge Valley School, we offer the morning sports programme which encourages our students to begin their day with a session of Brain Gym under the supervision of specialists. There are designated classes for various games during the course of a school week.

In the evening, the playground plays host to coaching programmes for various games, which are open to students from other schools too.