Performing Arts involves different forms of “Mode of expressions” such as, writing, singing, poetics, body movements, mime, voice and speech, script writing, drawing, sketching and painting, playing games, stage Craft on stage and back stage work.

At Ridge Valley School, the students are involved in the following-

Exploration- Students explore, express, and reflect on their thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and imaginative ideas through individual and group participation.

Drama Skills- Students learn to use body and voice expressively, maintain concentration and focus while in role, develop the skills to move between the concrete and the abstract within a dramatic context, and apply technical skills and knowledge to enhance dramatic communication.

 Dance and yoga: The divine connection between dance and yoga is brought alive in the dance sessions at RVS. The students learn basic concepts of dance and even chant the ‘Guru mantra’ before performing their dance. They also learn yoga postures like- ‘Tadasana’ -to stretch their ankles, ‘Setubandh’ asana-to strengthen their back and increase their flexibility.

Musical training: It helps develop language and reasoning. There is a ‘Mozart club’ in which the students are taught to sing and play various instruments which includes Guitar, Drums, Keyboard, Violin etc. and also Read and Write music. They are involved in peer learning where they learn from each other. They are encouraged to research and build on their classroom learning. At times they have creative writing sessions where they write and compose songs on their own. The activities conducted in the music classes are directly linked with the holistic development of the children.