Parent Speak

As a part of the Ridgean family, here I am honored to have the opportunity of providing  a snippet about our school. One of the top priorities of our school is to create a pleasant and positive atmosphere for both students and teachers.Students and teachers know each other so there are no barriers to solve the problems. In addition, endeavours are made to ensure a high level of respect and due care for each and every member of the school. I am greatly impressed the way our principal address the feedbacks and concerns of parents and in no  time , take appropriate steps. I feel my children are in very safe atmosphere and growing up happily with great sense of confidence. The best part is, no child in my knowledge ever wants to take an off from the school which itself provides an insight of different well-designed activities held in the school. As rightly said by Mr. Nelson Mandela," Education is the most powerful weapon which can be used to change the world." Looking forward for the initiators of these required changes from our school!!   Regards, Mona Jindal

Madhav Jindal & Aditya Jindal

After looking at many schools in gurgaon, for our 2 children, we decided on RVS where we found the  troika of school, child & parent working in complete harmony. The outstanding faculty lead by principal Mrs Ohri, supported by Learn Today group and the DLF foundation ensures the school remains focused on what it is intended to be  - a center of excellence and well rounded knowledge. Really proud to be a Ridgean !!     Arti & Amit Sondhi

Arpita Sondhi & Anirudh Sondhi

Really proud to be associated with rvs from the last four years. The best part of my journey ever since is the transparency of the communication between the parents and staff. Parents feedback is always welcomed and considered.Also happy to see the school progressing and advancing in all aspects. Under the guidance of Mrs.ohri and all the teachers the kids are getting a very deep insight of the real world. A big thanks to the whole staff for taking such good care of the kidos....and eagerly waiting for the very secretive "annual show "...good luck to rvs ... cheers... Esha Sarin 

Saina Sarin

I must say, we are really happy that we visited Ridge Valley and are quite impressed by the infrastructure facilities, the methodology that is being followed and above all a very warm and welcoming staff. Though I myself have been part of the higher education industry for ten years before taking a break after Samaira was born, we were really in a lot of fix until yesterday about choosing the right school for our daughter wherein focus is not only on academics but on the over all development of the kids. What impressed us the most is the ratio of students in class and the sports and other curricular activities that are being incorporated. Thank you once again for your time dedicated to us. Warm Regards, Shilpa Sharma Daniel 

Samaira Daniel

Your opening remarks before the schedule are Brilliant and Inspiring. It is for reasons such as these that we Love and Respect RVS   Warm Regards Abhishek Dube

Yash Dube