What We Aspire to Be/ To Where and How

Our Vision, Mission, and Philosophy

Motto: Nurturing Excellence


To nurture uniqueness of creativity and expression in children, develop in them a sense of aesthetics and guide them to be respectful of others’ beliefs, culture and views in order to inculcate in them values such as compassion, consideration, cooperation, honesty and respect for all life forms.


Ridge Valley School aims to provide quality learning through a curriculum that enables holistic development of the child within a secure, happy and stimulating environment.


Ridge Valley School recognises that all children are gifted, talented, and have diverse approaches to learning. Our overarching purpose is to help students in areas of analytical thinking, communication research, spiritual awareness, self-management and social skills so that they excel in all spheres of life.


Our motto, ‘Nurturing Excellence’, encompasses:

  • Providing opportunities to all children to learn and actualise their potential.
  • Promoting cerebral, social, physical, emotional, and spiritual development among children; prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities, and experiences of life.
  • Keeping them safe and healthy; enabling them to enjoy every success; making positive contributions to and be aware of their responsibilities as a citizen.
  • Instilling in them a sense of aesthetics to help them appreciate the various Art Forms.
  • Guiding them to be respectful of beliefs, cultures, and opinions that differ from their own.


Helping them realize their place and role in the world, and their responsibility in conservation of the environment.