Information & Communication Technology

All Learn Today Schools embrace an integrated approach regarding technology. Use of technology for learning is all-pervasive; and students use it for developing higher order thinking skills. Ridge Valley School is equipped with a multi-sensory Technology Lab with the most up-to-date software. Every classroom has an interactive whiteboard. The teachers use technology to create a wide range of learning opportunities, and engage students in various collaborative activities.

Primary & Middle School students enhance their word processing skills using various softwares like Notepad, Wordpad along with the complete Ms Office package. To develop programming skills in IT, softwares like Scratch, LOGO and Qbasic are brought into use. Analytical skills are sharpened using tools like Ms Excel while exposure to various Database Management like Ms Access is provided to children everyday.

In addition to this, web Designing programmes are carried out using HTML and XML. Students also learn about photo, video and sound editing tools using GIMP, Movie Maker and other web tools.


  • Pre-primary kids learn basic concepts of Literacy, Numeracy, and UOW using interactive software. They also learn animation and Digital Art using Tuxpaint, MS Paint, KidPix, etc.
  • Integration of iOS platform in classrooms using Apple classroom Management programme, in which students use iPads to learn mainstream subjects innovatively using various apps.
  • Participation in the annual EdTech Summit organised by Universal Learn Today.
  • Virtual field trips using Skype sessions
  • Sessions on Robotics for middle & senior school.
  • Mindspark for Maths.
  • Participation in the Annual Design championship by Mindbox.